[whatwg] The div element

Křištof Želechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Sat May 17 02:01:52 PDT 2008

Whether a paragraph following a subsection can belong to the containing
section is a very interesting question indeed.  I remember my mathematical
mind missing such a feature in Microsoft Word; it seems traditional
typography does not support such mathematical structuralism.  I think there
may be good reasons for this; it becomes overly difficult for the human
reader to figure out what the current section is while reviewing printed
text - and that is an important information while reading structured
documents.  I think some authoring guidelines would be handy here.
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liorean wrote:
> ...
> Sections allow some things that are impossible with the outline
> hierarchy of HTML4. In HTML4, once you had a header you needed a
> header of the same level or higher to make a paragraph not belong to
> that header. With sections you can make paragraphs belong to headers
> above the immediately preceeding one. You can have paragraphs that do
> ...

And that is a feature...?

BR, Julian

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