[whatwg] Cross browser automated tests

Jeff Walden jwalden+whatwg at MIT.EDU
Tue May 20 17:21:35 PDT 2008

Sylvain Pasche wrote:
> As a starting point, the testing environment and API would need to be 
> defined. I'm thinking of the following requirements:
> * Possible for browser vendors to integrate these tests in their testing 
> frameworks

Hrm, I neglected to mention this on the other thread, but this requirement can't fly.  It discourages creating libraries for common testing functions (or even just for non-testing functions, e.g. how Mochitests all have access to the entire MochiKit framework) and using them declaratively (hardcoded <script> versus dynamic addition with callback schemes), which just makes life harder if you're writing tests.


Life would be so much easier if humans had a natural affinity for remembering 128-bit integers.

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