[whatwg] HTML 5: Wording of "license" link type is too narrow

Arne Johannessen arne at thaw.de
Wed May 28 05:50:20 PDT 2008

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Wed, 28 May 2008, Arne Johannessen wrote:
>>> In particular, we don't want people to use rel=license to point to  
>>> trademark licenses or patent licenses that _aren't_ copyright  
>>> licenses.
>> Why not, what's the downside?
> It dilutes the point of the feature. The idea is to provide a way  
> for tracking pages that are covered by a particular copyright license.

Ah, makes sense.

>> What is the correct way to mark up links to, say, a trademark  
>> license _not_ covering copyright, given the current draft of the  
>> spec?
> Something like:
>   <p><small>See our <a href="trademark.html">trademark
>   license</a>.</small></p>

All right, so in other words there is no special mark up for this  
particular case.

> In practice it's a non-issue since people rarely have Trademark  
> licenses.
> Same with Patent licenses.

Point taken.

I was about to suggest adding a note explaining the reason for not  
using rel=license to mark up trademark license links, but that's  
pretty pointless in practice. I now think the current wording of the  
spec is fine.

Arne Johannessen

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