[whatwg] Proposal for a link attribute to replace <a href>

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Thu May 29 16:22:19 PDT 2008

I agree that a "more." link is a loss.  However, the heading can serve as
the anchor all right.  If the whole text is in the anchor, it should be
styled as a hyperlink, which would make it hard to read.  OTOH, drawing a
hyperlink border around the table makes the hyperlink hard to discover.
Keep the Web consistent.

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> The anchor customarily encompasses just the key phrase, not the whole
> The problem here is that the advertisements are not cooperative; they
> aggressively try to get in the reader's way.  In your example, it would be
> more consistent to wrap the header text only.
> As an alternative, you can put a clickable empty transparency over the
> teaser.  Is that what you meant by CSS tricks?
> Chris

The thing is: You want to have it most intuitive for the user:

You have a portal page for a newspaper for example. Every article has a 
teaser with an image, a headline and text.

As a user, I don't want to search for a link text (like "more...", which 
is really bad, or some small key phrase), i just want to click somewhere 
on the teaser (on the image or the text) to get the article I want to read.

As a content producer, I have to honor that. It is good to have big 
clickable buttons, especially on present and upcoming mobile devices 
(like the iphone for example).

In the best case the whole rectangle of the teaser is clickable. At the 
moment you need some javascript or an a-tag with "display: block" for 
it, to get this behavior (see example in my last mail).

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