[whatwg] HTMLMediaElement: pixelratio, unsigned int, timeupdate

Philip Jägenstedt philipj at opera.com
Sun Nov 2 02:16:06 PST 2008

Some assorted questions related to

How should a pixelratio <= 0.0 be treated? I would suggest that the DOM
attribute actually return the negative value but that it is explicitly
ignored in step 5 of

What should be done if a reflected unsigned integer DOM attribute is set
to a negative number? INDEX_SIZE_ERR, ignored or something else? I'm
quite sure it's well defined, just not in

In the section about cue ranges (can't seem to find an #anchor nearby):
"If the time was reached through the usual monotonic increase of the
current playback position during normal playback, the user agent must
then queue a task to fire a simple event called timeupdate at the

How often should the timeupdate event be fired? Without a requirement
for this, anything from every ms to never would seem to be acceptable. I
agree with Eric Carlson and Jonas Sickling that this event isn't
particularly useful and would rather see it removed from the spec.

Philip Jägenstedt
Opera Software

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