[whatwg] SPOOFED: Re: SPOOFED: Re: ---

Pentasis pentasis at lavabit.com
Wed Nov 5 08:01:02 PST 2008

> This would only work in new browsers and is wordy:
> <reference class="abbreviation" ttle="some 
> description">someword</reference>.
> It doesn't add any extra information. It's harder to use.
> Conceptually, it may be more elegant, but conceptual elegance is not
> an impetus for large scale adoptions. In my opinion, it is not a
> worthwhile change to pursue, when there are so many actively broken
> issues that can be fixed.

True, it doesn't provide any extra information, and perhaps it is harder to 
use, but that is not the point. The point is that this tag can be used to 
mark up any possible reference-type word (notes, sidenotes, footnotes, 
translations, meanings, definitiones, you name all of them and then some). 
So with just one tag, I catch all possible semantics within a classified 
That (or something similar) is what creates room for natural growth and 
evolution of contextual semantics on a medium (Internet) that is still 
developing and very dynamic.


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