[whatwg] li start tag algorithm clarification.

Tommy Thorsen tommy at kvaleberg.com
Mon Nov 10 04:23:44 PST 2008

In the handler for 'A start tag whose tag name is "li"' in "in body", 
the algorithm says "jump to the last step" in a couple of places. Is 
"the last step" step 5, or is it the final unnumbered step which says, 
"Finally, insert an HTML element for the token"?

I suggest, to make this clearer, that we give the final step a number 
(the number 6 comes to mind) and change "jump to the last step" to "jump 
to step 5/6".

This also goes for the next section (the one called 'A start tag whose 
name is one of: "dd", "dt"').


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