[whatwg] Deprecating <small>, <b> ?

Oldřich Vetešník vetesnik at mrmil.cz
Fri Nov 14 06:34:35 PST 2008

Dne Fri, 14 Nov 2008 14:40:20 +0100 Pentasis <pentasis at lavabit.com>  

> I agree with the original poster on this.
> 1) Just because it makes sense to a human (it doesn't to me), does not  
> mean it makes sense to a machine.
> 2) When using <small> on different text-nodes throughout the document,  
> one would expect all these text-nodes to be semantically the same. But  
> they are not (unless all of them are copyright notices).
> 3) <small> is a styling element, it has zero semantic meaning, so it  
> does not belong inside HTML.
> 4) <b>Siemens</b> also does not tell me anything about the semantics. Is  
> it used as a name, a brand a foreign word ? etc. I cannot get that  
> information from looking at the <b> element.
> Bert

I second that, even though it might have a zero value.


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