[whatwg] Fallback styles for legacy user agents [was: Re: Deprecating <small> , <b> ?]

timeless timeless at gmail.com
Sat Nov 29 16:41:48 PST 2008

i don't really want to spend a lot of time with this, but any feature
authors are provided will be abused.

among my list of things which i wish were never let out of pandora's
box are defining accesskeys (instead of commands) in html, and another
which i'd hope dies on the vine is aural css.

sure it is theoretically nice to let someone encode audio. however on
average it's going to be used more often by advertisers than actual
content developers.

the amount of effort required to invest in a feature which is
generally not useful far exceeds any value offered to the user by the

in the case of accesskeys, a much more useful research area is to
developer a browser global way of accessing content which works well
for the device/useragent/user. enabling each site to design its own
poor access keys is much less useful than letting browsers be
configured by their users or share keybindings from one browser to
another for a given site.

in the case of aural css, the screen reader user agents have clearly
reviewed the mistakes of prior features and i congratulate them on
their decision not to invest in this area.

not all technology is good or useful. some technology thankfully does
fail (p3p comes to mind, although it seems that POWDER wants to try

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