[whatwg] input type=hidden outside phrasing content

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Wed Oct 15 12:44:33 PDT 2008

Why is FORM INPUT[type="hidden"] not enough?

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Would it be possible to have HTML5 allow the insertion of
  <input type="hidden" ...>
(or something with the same effect) anywhere in the document?

This would f ex relieve cases like server-side templating
wanting to attach hidden state to its generated markup, and
not having to use complex algorithms to find a suitable spot.

As this type of element is non-visual this suggestion 
shouldn't cause any layout problems, but I guess having
different placement rules for different settings on the same
element type is, so maybe using <input> is not possible.
Could HTML5 support adding hidden POSTable state in another 
way, that wouldn't be subject to placement rules for visual

Best regards
Mike Wilson

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