[whatwg] Proposal: Allow block content inside label element

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Tue Oct 28 17:27:55 PDT 2008

What is the equivalent of the LABEL control under Microsoft Windows?  

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On Wed, 9 May 2007, Kitof elechovski wrote:
> The restriction on LABEL behavior is not a clarification, it is a change.
> The browser vendor has to choose whether it is compliant with version 4 or
> 5.  Therefore the current behavior can hardly be called a bug.  Note that
> this change is not reported on the Wiki
> <http://wiki.whatwg.org/wiki/Changes_from_HTML4#Changed_Elements>; I did
> update the content because I strongly oppose this idea.  It seems it has
> strong support
> 366> - where Mr.Raymond's opinion unfortunately sank - but there is a
> possibility to overthrow it by making it void on a legal basis:
> The Microsoft Windows environment does not provide a native LABEL
> It there was one, the restriction of version 5 would perhaps apply.  But
> cannot tell how the native control behaves when it does not exist.  You
> assume it would redirect the focus to the input control if it existed, and
> introduce the feature to the browser upon that assumption. [...]

Windows clearly does have the equivalent of a label control, even if it 
doesn't expose it as such. The behavior in HTML5, whether you call it a 
change or a clarification, is the right thing for us to require.

On Fri, 11 May 2007, Kitof elechovski wrote:
> The speculative wording of HTML5 is actually less accurate because it 
> refers to a platform control which need not exist at all.  The 
> imperative wording of HTML4 is both clearer and more accurate.

The text in HTML5 now says "The label element's exact default presentation 
and behavior, in particular what its activation behavior might be, if 
anything, should match the platform's label behavior." which seems fine to 

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