[whatwg] Video Element Events? - Use Case: Custom Progress Bar

Charles Iliya Krempeaux supercanadian at gmail.com
Tue Oct 28 21:22:44 PDT 2008


(Sorry if this has come up before and I missed it.)

I was looking over the spec and looking to see how I'd go about creating a
custom "progress bar".  (Like you see as part of "scrub bars".)

To do this I'd imagine that a playing video would have to "send out" events
"fast enough" so that the progress bar could be updated "enough".

Perhaps I didn't read the spec carefully enough, but I don't see any such

I'd expect to be able to do something like...

videoElem = document.getElementById("aVideoElement");

videoElem.addEventListener( "moment",
    // Handle the event.
    // I.e., update the progress bar or something.
    // I'll need a way to know a what point in time the video is at now.

Note I used the fictitious "moment" event.  (I doesn't have to be called
"moment".  I just made up something.)

*Is there anything like this already?*

Or do you just set up a timer and poll the "currentTime" attribute.

I.e., something like...

function updateProgressBar(id)
    videoElem = document.getElementById(id);

    // Update the progress bar using: videoElem.currentTime

setTimeout("updateProgressBar(\"aVideoElement\")", 100);

I suppose the advantage of the polling method is that you can specify how
often you do the update.  But it doesn't seems to make for poorer developer

Charles Iliya Krempeaux, B.Sc.
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