[whatwg] successful form controls

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Wed Oct 29 00:52:22 PDT 2008

On Thu, 13 Sep 2007, Garrett Smith wrote:
> I found a few mistakes in the spec.
> ===========================================================
> 5.1. Successful form controls
> The controls that are successful are those that are included in the
> submission (in the form data set) when their form is submitted.
> All form controls are successful except:
> Controls with no associated form.
> Controls that are inside repetition templates (those that are in their
> forms' templateElements list).
> Controls that are inside datalist elements.
> Controls with no name, except if they are image controls.
> Disabled controls.
> Checkboxes that are not checked.
> Radio buttons that are not checked.
> Submit buttons (including image buttons) that did not initiate the
> current submission process.
> Buttons of type button, reset, add, remove, move-up, or move-down.
> Output controls.
> File upload controls with no value selected, or with only values that
> point to non-existent files.
> Controls do not have to have a value to be successful.
> ===========================================================
> missing:
>  * Readonly controls (just like how it works in HTML 4)

These do submit, it is not a mistake that they are not listed.

>  * controls within a fieldset that is disabled

Those controls are disabled, so that is covered already.

>  * controls whose associated FORM (either FIELDSET or FORM element) is
> either disabled or readonly.

We currently have no way to disable or mark as readonly an entire form.

> The WF2 spec does include the attribute disabled for a fieldset, but 
> does not say that disabling a fieldset has *any* effect whatsoever. 
> This, to me, seems to be an oversight.


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