[whatwg] workers

Aaron Boodman aa at google.com
Fri Sep 12 14:50:53 PDT 2008

I've reviewed and digested the latest workers update
I think we're converging :).

There are still a few improvements and simplifications I'd like to
see, however. With these (relatively minor) changes, I'd be really
happy with what we have.

* I think it was an interesting idea to have separate interfaces for
Dedicated and Shared workers, but in the end I don't think there's
enough difference between the two cases to justify it. I'd rather have
the total API surface be smaller, and generalize concepts as much as
possible. So...
  -  We should remove all the sendMessage/onmessage stuff from
DedicatedWorker, and just use the port convenience property.
  - We should move onconnect() up into WorkerGlobalScope

* Similarly, I'd like to rename startConversation() to connect(). I
think this aligns nicely with the onconnect event (connect() should
also trigger a 'connect' event inside the worker).

* I think it would be a nice convenience to have an onmessage event
inside workers that receives all messages sent to any port in the

* We have discussed having onerror expose runtime script errors that
happened inside the worker. I don't think this makes sense for shared
workers, so I propose that it be spec'd to only expose load errors.
Script errors can still be exposed via a global onerror property
inside the worker, and they can still be reported to the error
console. I don't think having script errors that happened inside a
worker be exposed outside it is that useful (load errors are useful,

* I think onclose makes sense on Port instead of on Worker. The other
side of a Port can close out from under you, even if it is a window.

* Ojan brought this up earlier, but I don't think there should be
anything added to the global scope of workers except a single 'self'
object, which implements all the APIs that are available there.

* I still don't buy the utility of passing around MessagePorts, so I
suggest we table that for v2. It can always be added back later.

Here is an IDL sketch of what the API would look like after these changes...


interface MessagePort {
  EventListener onmessage;
  EventListener onclose; // if the other side goes away
  void sendMessage(in DOMString message);

interface Worker {
  EventListener onload;
  Port port; // convenience -- corresponds to the port available on
the created worker's WorkerContext object
  Port connect(); // the method previously known as "startConversation"

interface DedicatedWorker : Worker {
  void close();


// this is all exposed via "self"
interface WorkerContext {
  EventListener onclose;
  EventListener onmessage; // convenience -- receives all messages
sent to this worker, from any port
  // fired when the worker is first created, and for each additional
new SharedWorker() or connect() call
  EventListener onconnect;

  readonly String name;
  readonly MessagePort port; // convenience -- corresponds to the port
available on created Worker object

  void close();

  // + all the utils stuffs


var worker = new Worker(url);
var sharedWorker = new SharedWorker(name, url);

Let me know what you think!

- a

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