[whatwg] RDFa

Silvia Pfeiffer silviapfeiffer1 at gmail.com
Tue Sep 9 15:15:30 PDT 2008

On Wed, Sep 10, 2008 at 7:12 AM, Ben Adida <ben at adida.net> wrote:
> In general, I find it surprising that HTML5 wants to reinvent
> everything, rather than at least partially rely on work done in other
> groups.

I don't see it as such. HTML5 is analysing the situation from all
aspects with a view of making sure the aims and tradition of HTML are
being followed. Assessing how others have solved the issue is part of
that. But you cannot assume by default that what works in other
situations will also work for HTML5. Make a technical argument that is
conclusive and people will listen.

In fact - and this is my personal opinion - the suggestion of a
metadata attribute along similar lines of the style attribute and a
similar external metadata document along the lines of CSS follow a
known and tested path in HTML. In comparison, throwing in a multitude
of new attributes that will inevitably be used in the wrong way seems
to provide only a limited solution.


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