[whatwg] drag and drop between apps or onto desktop

Daniel Glazman daniel.glazman at disruptive-innovations.com
Wed Sep 24 03:02:05 PDT 2008

Hello there,

I have a question related to section of the spec and more
generally drag and drop:

1. suppose I have an chrome- or web-based app having a sidebar.
2. this sidebar can contain multiple sidebar items
3. drag and drop of these sidebar items into the sidebar
    allows me to reorder them, no problem so far
4. but I also want to be able to drop a sidebar item onto
    the desktop to make it become an independant window...

Did I miss something or item 4 above is impossible to achieve with the
current spec ? Even if you drop a URL, the desktop will likely create
a shortcut (for instance on window) and won't open a window.


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