[whatwg] Start position of media resources

David Singer singer at apple.com
Tue Apr 7 10:30:18 PDT 2009

At 19:20  +0200 7/04/09, KÞi”tof Îelechovski wrote:
>OTOH, if the media player scroll bar has zoom function, the problem of
>navigation deficiency in a short interval disappears.  When the browser
>displays a fragment, it can just zoom the scroll bar to the fragment

That's a semantic problem I hope that the media fragments group will clarify.

  If a URL asks for


it's clear that all I have at the UA is a 10s 
clip, so that's what I present;  the ? means the 
trimming is done at the server.

However, if I am given


which means the UA does the selecting;  should 
the UA present a timeline representing all of 
t.mov, but start at 10s into it and stop at 20s, 
allowing the user (if they wish) to seek outside 
that range, or should the UA present (as in the 
query case) only a 10s clip?
David Singer
Multimedia Standards, Apple Inc.

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