[whatwg] Start position of media resources

David Singer singer at apple.com
Wed Apr 8 09:25:09 PDT 2009

At 15:46  +1000 8/04/09, Silvia Pfeiffer wrote:
>On Wed, Apr 8, 2009 at 8:37 AM, David Singer <singer at apple.com> wrote:
>  > But there is a huge difference between
>>  a) the UA MUST optimize for the chosen fragment, and may/should offer the
>>  rest of the resource to the user (at the possible expense of more network
>>  traffic)
>>  and
>>  b) the UA MUST only offer the chosen fragment to the user, and optimize
>>  network traffic and downloads for just that section, and MUST NOT allow
>>  navigation outside the indicated range
>>  Unfortunately, it does make a difference to the page author which of these
>>  is talked about (and, lacking anything else, (a) is probably what is
>>  expected).
>Navigation outside the indicated range could be done in several ways -
>it does not have to be through indicating the full length of the
>resource in the timeline.

surely.  but which one can the URL/page author expect?  If I pick an 
innocuous scene out of an R-rated movie and put it on a web page for 
children, can they easily see other parts of the movie or not?
David Singer
Multimedia Standards, Apple Inc.

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