[whatwg] Probable typo in section 5.2.2.

liszt at coq.no liszt at coq.no
Sat Apr 11 02:48:43 PDT 2009

On 15 Jun 2007, at 04:57, Ian Hickson wrote:

> On 3 Nov 2006, at 9:51PM, Øistein E. Andersen wrote:
>> In section 5.2.2., `chickenkïwi.soup' (with diaeresis) appears twice
>> [...], as does `chickenkiwi.soup' (without diaeresis).
> Fixed.

The example is now technically correct (filename with diaeresis), but  
still inconsistent:

	<a href="chickenkïwi.soup">Download our Chicken Kiwi soup!</a>

It should probably be:

	<a href="chickenkïwi.soup">Download our Chicken Kïwi soup!</a>

Øistein E. Andersen

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