[whatwg] The <keygen> element

Anders Rundgren anders.rundgren at telia.com
Thu Apr 16 21:22:07 PDT 2009

"Nelson B Bolyard" wrote [to the WHATWG list]:


>I think that the KEYGEN tag's attributes could be extended to accept all
>the arguments that can be passed to crypto.generateCRMFRequest, quite easily.

Yes, but the crypto.* functions could be extended to do things you would never
be able to do in a page mark-up language like capability discovery.

>Which is more likely to be adopted as a cross browser standard?
>A new html tag? or a new JavaScript object/method?

Probably none of these alternatives.  All other efforts in this space (KEYPROV,
KMIP, SKSML, XKMS, KeyGen2, etc.) builds on a protocol concept

>If I knew the answer to that question, that would influence my suggestions
>for a direction here.

If Mozilla would like to contribute to progress, I think you should start in
another end, and see how protocols could be invoked in FireFox in a
generic fashion.

Based on WHATWG comments, this it is not really about standardization
but about documenting the current practice for key generation in the HTML
layer without comparing this to other ways of achieving the similar goals
including generateCRMFRequest.  JavaScript is thus outside of the
scope AFAICT.


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