[whatwg] HTML5 History Management

Mike Wilson mikewse at hotmail.com
Wed Aug 5 01:58:07 PDT 2009

Nathan Hammond wrote:
> I should have stated this one with a goal: the ability
> to ensure that the popstate event always fires with a 
> full understanding of the (app/page) state when 
> navigating through history. This would be lost when a  
> user manually changes the hash. [...]
> Any other techniques for remembering data other than this 
> would still be a hack because, in and of itself, the data 
> stored are not uniquely tied to a particular history 
> state. [...]
> Using sessionStorage I have the additional task of mapping 
> the stored series of states to a particular visit of the 
> (app/page) if the user visits the site again after 
> navigating away: example.com -> whatwg.com -> example.com

Hi Nathan,

I think I touched on the same need in my thread "html5 
state handling: overview and extensions", see

See the table on "SCRIPT-CONTROLLED STATE" at the end of 
that mail. As you can see I am suggesting to add a state
construct for the missing Document state level. I'm just
back from vacation but I'm doing some more research and
hope to provide more information on that thread later 
this month.

Best regards
Mike Wilson

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