[whatwg] DragEvent's inherited MouseEvent properties should be available to all drag events

Sebastian Markbåge sebastian at calyptus.eu
Wed Aug 12 05:40:30 PDT 2009

> > The spec should explicitly specify which MouseEvent properties are
> > available during the various drag events to avoid assumptions.
> The spec requires them to all be set on all drag events, currently.

I thought that this was clear too but apparently it's not clear that they
should be set to something useful:


> > The specification is only partly input device agnostic. It can't be both
> > totally input device agnostic and inherit MouseEvent. If it's going to
> > inherit MouseEvent it needs to be specified what that means.
> I've added more text to clarify what it means in the case of the mouse not
> being used.
Apparently it also needs to be clear that the properties SHOULD be set, if a
pointing device IS being used. See above conversion on the Mozilla bug.

I'd suggest you add something like "If there is a relevant pointing device,
the attributes should be set to relevant position values for all events in
the sequence." - So that the intention is clear and don't have to rely on
implicit interpretation.
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