[whatwg] Spec comments, sections 3.1-4.7

Aryeh Gregor Simetrical+w3c at gmail.com
Thu Aug 13 14:00:38 PDT 2009

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 2:11 PM, Anne van Kesteren<annevk at opera.com> wrote:
> You seem to base most of your argument on that <progress> will not be stylable. I think the idea is that it will be stylable though.

Yes, I guess I got sort of sidetracked.  I assume the idea is that it
will be styleable eventually, but I don't see how it would work with
existing CSS properties, so I'd assume it would take significant
implementation effort and not happen very soon.  I don't think it will
be used very widely or usefully until it becomes styleable.

Beyond that, the use-cases just seem very narrow compared to other
elements invented in HTML 5.  The number of progress bars needed on
the web is pretty modest, and the gains from marking them up
semantically don't seem to be large.  For some particular types of
progress bars, <progress> gives better accessibility than any
straightforward existing possibility I can think of, but a) authors
concerned about accessibility could usually add some kind of text
without any trouble, and b) the progress of some activity is rarely
critical information in web apps, so if you're missing it you usually
won't be missing much anyway.

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