[whatwg] BWTP for WebSocket transfer protocol

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sat Aug 15 02:59:28 PDT 2009

Jonas Sicking wrote:
> ...
> Similarly content negotiation is something I would say is even more
> doubtful that it has provided any value. The only site where I can
> remember seeing content negotiation actually used is on w3.org, an
> organization that is safe can be considered experts on web standards.
 > ...

google.com does use it for language selection (at least it did a few 
months ago when Ian claimed nobody was using it :-).

Also keep in mind that Content Negotiation is widely and successfully 
used for negotiating compression (Content-Encoding: gzip) and different 
machine-to-machine formats (xml vs json).

 > ...
> However even here things immediately failed. When firefox started
> claiming that we supported application/xml, several urls stopped
> working since the browser was sent the XML file used to generate the
> specification, rather than something that actually usefully could be
> rendered.
> ...

Did it come with an XSLT PI?

BR, Julian

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