[whatwg] Global Script proposal.

Patrick Mueller pmuellr at muellerware.org
Wed Aug 19 12:29:29 PDT 2009

Michael Nordman wrote:

> I understand the desire for early warning that a page *may* want to utilized
> a GlobalScript. A 'hint' could be useful to a multi-process UA. It's not
> clear to me that this is what Patrick was referring to... Patrick?

I wasn't thinking as a hint for the browser, but that's of course a good 
idea.  I was thinking security.  Are there cases where I specifically 
would NOT want to share?  If so, the only alternative is to guarantee 
that no code you ever load will ever try.  It would be safer to allow an 
author to indicate "this page must not be shared".   Guess that's more 
of an opt-out.  And I don't have a use case for "I don't want to share", 
nor could I claim that even if they didn't want to, it would be unsafe 
if they did anyway (ie, it might be safe even if they didn't want to 
share).  Just thinking aloud.

Patrick Mueller - http://muellerware.org

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