[whatwg] Updated BWTP proposal

Greg Wilkins gregw at mortbay.com
Mon Aug 24 16:33:42 PDT 2009


thanks for the useful feedback on the BWTP proposal.

It was clear that while the features (such as meta-data and multi-plexing) were
welcome, the proposal was perhaps too complex.

I've written a second draft of the proposal


I have simplified this significantly by not using message headers
to control the transport protocol, as that is mixing transport
concerns with content concerns.    Meta data is supported, but
is not interpreted by the transport - only by the user agent
and/or server.

Thus multiplexing is now part of the protocol rather than a
convention applied to URIs.  There is explicit opening and closing
of multiplexed channels that well maps to websocket onopen and onclose

The result is more like a simplified BEEP than HTTP, but I still
expect many parts of a HTTP implementation will be able to be

Note that the protocol can also carry HTTP traffic, so one connection
can be used to carry HTTP and bidirectional traffic


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