[whatwg] Adding alpha channel to <input type=color>

Max Romantschuk max at romantschuk.fi
Wed Aug 26 00:35:25 PDT 2009

Victor Vasiliev wrote:
> I suggest to add a boolean attribute "alpha" to <input type=color>
> (disabled by default). If this attribute is present, the color well
> allows to set opacity value, and instead of sRGB, sends RGBA.
> Another question is which format should be used to submit RGBA color. We
> have rgba(number, number, number, float) used in canvas, but I feel like
> it's not the best format to be used in submited data. Maybe #rrggbbaa or
> #aarrggbb?

input type=color is specified to define a simple color:

While alpha information is useful, it's not really a color attribute is 
it? Using type=color paired with type=range for alpha would serve fairly 
well in most cases, I believe.

How do the people more into design feel about this? I'm mainly a coder 


        Max Romantschuk
        max at romantschuk.fi

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