[whatwg] Web Storage: apparent contradiction in spec

Jens Alfke snej at google.com
Mon Aug 31 11:25:45 PDT 2009

On Aug 31, 2009, at 11:18 AM, Peter Kasting wrote:

> The spec says basically what you want except that it uses "should".   
> It seems like UAs and authors would both be satisfied with this; I  
> don't expect any UA vendor to wantonly discard local storage data.

By encouraging the UI to treat local storage as a type of cookie, the  
spec is contributing to user confusion that can lead to the type of  
data loss that I described in my previous message.

Since user data loss is one of the very worst things any program can  
do to a user, I'd like the spec to encourage UAs to take a bit more  
care with local storage.


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