[whatwg] Switching to an unversioned development model

Ian Hickson ian at hixie.ch
Fri Dec 11 10:20:42 PST 2009


I just checked in a change which moves the WHATWG from working on 
versioned specifications ("HTML5") to just working on technology without 
trying to version it ("HTML").

This doesn't really mean much from the point of view of how the WHATWG 
operates, since we've never really paid much attention to version numbers. 
It brings us closer to how most implementors have always operated. We will 
continue to track the state of individual sections using the little status 
annotations in the margin.

Since the W3C is still focused on getting HTML5 to last call, I'll 
maintain a WHATWG copy of the HTML spec that matches what the W3C HTML WG 
is working on:


I've updated the FAQ's explanation of what specs exist, in case you want 
to get an overview (it's getting somewhat complicated!):


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