[whatwg] Canvas Composition Modes

Charles Pritchard chuck at jumis.com
Thu Dec 3 12:21:28 PST 2009

Hey List:

I was just following up to the composition thread:

Where in the spec did this "more explicit" definition get added?


 From the thread, Ian's post.

> ... Safari and Chrome currently do bound composition to the shape, and
> always have, then surely it's not too late to spec that?

"The problem is in defining what this means, exactly. As Philip 
mentioned, other browsers do do what the spec says (Opera in particular 
does a very good job)... I've made this more explicit, though."

Did this issue get resolved with the Mozilla crew, and others?
Has the spec been updated to a point where it's not ambiguous. We're all
leaning toward the Safari-Chrome behavior.


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