[whatwg] Removing multiple attribute from <input type=file multiple> with selected files

TAMURA, Kent tkent at chromium.org
Mon Dec 14 20:54:19 PST 2009

>> I would prefer not to throw an exception. Making removeAttribute throw
>> an exception seems wrong since the attribute *is* in fact removed, and
>> making foo.multiple=false throw would mean that it would behave
>> differently from all other "mapped" IDL attributes.

>> I'd really prefer to keep things simple here as I doubt that this is
>> something that anyone will ever do. Much less depend on a particular
>> behavior.

>> You're off course free to put a warning in a developer console or
>> something like that though.

> I buy that. A warning seems appropriate. I'm sure *someone* will do this
> someday, but it's probably rare enough that it's not worth putting effort
> into.

Yeah, a warning seems reasonable. The current implementation of WebKit does
nothing, and I might add the warning if the spec say nothing about this.

Thank you.

Software Engineer, Google

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