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So the whole rendering section is just for implementors and authors should
act if no default style sheet is present or worse, if it could be
everything, like a inline-block <div> or blue <table>, so that the author
should set all supported properties to initial or the HTML5 "expected"
That is:
I, author, want consistent rendering on all plaforms and browser: I import
the HTML5 style sheet inside author ones.
I, implementor, want to provide backward-compatible rendering for those
author that didn't follow rule 1), I import HTML5 style sheet inside UA
In both case, a downloadable stylesheet would be much appreciated.


1) Ian initially said that they chose the binding property (instead of
specifying appearance, border, color, etc.)  in order to allow easy
resetting of default look-and-feel for widgets
2) I thought that author could make assumptions about the default CSS,
Smylers convinced me that this cannot be true
3) at least in that case I know that if web site doesn't work, it is not my
fault, but user's. But this has a major flaw:
"customer is always right". In addition, once again, I was convinced that
you can't make assumption on UA rendering.
input[type=text] {
border:1px solid blue;
font: "Arial" 10pt;
user-input: enabled;
user-modify: read-write;
cursor: url(I-beam.png);

looks different than

@appearance field {
border:1px solid ThreeDFace;
user-modify: read-write;
cursor: text;
@sys-color ThreeDFace rgb(0,0,255);
@sys-font field {
font-family: "Arial";
font-size: 10pt;
@sys-cursor text {
src: url(I-beam.png);
input[type=text] {

assuming three imaginary at-rules to define UA skin at CSS level.

5) I agree with you, it may be impossible

6) either HTML5 defines everything, or it defines nothing

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