[whatwg] Spellchecking mark III

Bil Corry bil at corry.biz
Thu Feb 12 05:47:41 PST 2009

Kristof Zelechovski wrote on 2/12/2009 6:24 AM: 
> Stretching it a bit, a user's language always matches the site's, 
> otherwise the user would not be able to submit to the site anything 
> that makes sense, except when the site is a gateway for submissions 
> to an uninvolved third party in which case said submissions should be
> tagged with the language of submission anyway (IMHO).

Let me give you an example where this isn't true.  I'm in the United States and I do contract work for a company in Germany.  At the German company, they have an internal bug tracker for their intranet applications.  Usually the bug descriptions are written in German, except mine, which are in English.  So they will submit bugs in both German and in English, depending on who is taking care of the issue.

How do you envision the UA will determine which language the user is writing in?  And what happens when the user submits both German AND English, for two audiences?

- Bil

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