[whatwg] How to remember VIDEO tag mute setting.

Biju Gm@il bijumaillist at gmail.com
Tue Feb 17 23:05:04 PST 2009

If you are new to the city, it nice to watch the busy street from the
hotel window.
The street is noisy but your not hearing it as the glass window is closed.
You dont want to put ear plug because you want to hear sounds inside the room.

For me browsing web is like watching external world thru the bedroom window.

I dont want to mute volume of computer because I want to hear sounds
from other running apps.
So I only mute the volume on the <VIDEO> tag control while testing
Firefox nightly.

But the irritating thing is I have to do it for every page visit, as
Firefox dont remember my mute setting.

What do spec say, how the settings should be remembered?


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