[whatwg] Captions, Subtitles and the Video Element

Eric Carlson eric.carlson at apple.com
Thu Feb 19 16:22:35 PST 2009

Greg -

   Interesting ideas!  A few questions that occur to me on first read:

On Feb 19, 2009, at 2:37 PM, Greg Millam wrote:

> HTML5 / Page Author:
>  * Each video will have a list of zero or more Timed Text tracks.
>  * A track has three variables for selection: Type, Language, Name.
> These can be null, except for name.


   I am confused by your terminology. Does "Timed Text track" refer to  
the caption elements, or the caption tracks in the media file, or  
both? The term "Time Text track" has a very specific meaning in a  
media file, so unless that is what you mean I think another term would  
be preferable.

>  * All timed text tracks encoded in the video file are added to the
> list, as an implicit caption element.

   When should the UA create the implicit caption element(s) from the  
tracks in the media file? What should it do about caption samples that  
are spread throughout the media file?

>  * Caption tags, when displayed, count as <span
> class="caption">...</span> unless they have style associated with them
> (uncommon). So they can be tweaked via CSS. Whether by the author or
> overridden by useragent.
   So by default, all of the captions (along with number and time  
stamps) for the entire file are displayed at the same time?


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