[whatwg] form markup

Rikkert Koppes lists at rikkertkoppes.com
Tue Feb 24 04:26:50 PST 2009

Well, suppose a personal information fillout form, i.e.:
first name, last name, initials, street, number, postal code, city fields.

Things that belong to a "set" (personal information), which is usually 
an argument to use a list (being ol, ul or dl) for markup.

While I value your personal preferences, is there any whatwg consensus?

Rikkert Koppes

Ian Hickson wrote:
> On Tue, 24 Feb 2009, Rikkert Koppes wrote:
>> There are various ways to forms are beining marked up, to name a few
>> 1. use a table, put labels and inputs in cells
>> 2. use a dl, put labels in dt, put inputs in dd
>> 3. use p elements to surround label and input pairs
>> 4. use an ol element, let li surround label and input pairs
>> 5. use an ul element, let li surround label and input pairs
>> Is there any preferred method?
> It's hard to tell without more details on what kind of form you have in 
> mind. For most forms, I tend to prefer <p> elements personally.

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