[whatwg] Name for WHATWG "Members"

James Graham jg307 at cam.ac.uk
Sat Jan 17 05:46:42 PST 2009

There seems to be some confusion about whether "members" of WHATWG are 
just people on the mailing list or are people on the oversight 
committee. Since it is almost never necessary to discuss the oversight 
committee I suggest it is worth using the common term "members" to mean 
people on the mailing list and the longer term "oversight committee 
members" to mean people in the oversight committee. This would eliminate 
the confusion and draw attention to the fact that it is the people on 
the mailing list who are responsible for the technical content of the 
spec (like W3C Working group members) and that the oversight committee 
who are responsible only for things like the charter (like W3C staff).

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