[whatwg] RDFa is to structured data, like canvas is to bitmap and SVG is to vector

L. David Baron dbaron at dbaron.org
Sat Jan 17 14:30:36 PST 2009

On Saturday 2009-01-17 22:25 +0200, Henri Sivonen wrote:
> The story of RDF is very different. Of the top four engines, only Gecko 
> has RDF functionality. It was implemented at a time when RDF was a young 
> W3C REC and stuff that were W3C RECs were implemented less critically 
> than nowadays.

Actually, the implementation was well underway *before* RDF was a
W3C REC, done by a team led by one of the designers of RDF.  In
other words, it was in Gecko because there were RDF advocates at
Netscape (although advocating, I think, a somewhat different RDF
than the current RDF recommendations).

Compare the dates on:


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