[whatwg] HTML5 fo ecommerce

Mynthon mynthon1 at gmail.com
Fri Jan 23 00:10:30 PST 2009

Hi everyone.

I have some questions about html. I really like new <section /> tag
and its possibility to have its own <hx /> structure. Dont like mixing
<hx /> levels but thats BTW.

I have strange feeling that in next 5 years not only blogs will be
available on the web but also some e-commerce pages (online shop,
auctions). Also some new applications. Now i cant figure out how to
use html5 for those sites.

On my companys page there are no articles and sections. There are
products and product lists. Isnt it wrong to use

    some data
    some data
    some data

while it wil be misleading screen readers? For users without
disabilities there is no problem but for eg. blind peple? Calling
product list an article is... hmmm... wrong.

The same goes for pages with advertisements and announcements, e-mail
web frontends, forums, and every other page that is not blog or
newspage. If there are new tags for blogs (<article />, <section />,
<audio />, <video />) are there plans for tags usable for other pages
(<product />, <productlist />, <price />, <subject />, <thread />,
<announcement />, <review /> etc.)

Something like:
  <h1>New book</h1>
  <p>by Chris Grabowski</p>
  <p>old price: <span>5usd</span></p>
  <p><strong>Now only:</strong> <price>3.99usd</price></p>
  <p>This is description of product ...</p>

Will be very cool for me and many other.

If it is not in plans how to acheve it with html5. Thanx for any example code!

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