[whatwg] HTML5+Ogg

Conrad Parker conrad at metadecks.org
Mon Jul 6 04:22:26 PDT 2009


WHATWG is a public community specifying web technologies, such as HTML5.

Xiph.org is a public community specifying free codecs, such as Ogg Theora.

It's great that many people in the web community are supporting Ogg;
but it seems that specifying Ogg in HTML5 is not practical for WHATWG.
HTML5 and Ogg are just two public technologies that happen to work
really well together. If you are interesting in supporting the
combination of HTML5 and Ogg, here are some proactive steps you can

  * contribute your ideas to http://wiki.xiph.org/HTML5

This page outlines some existing hosting options, useful Javascript
libraries and links to existing installations.

  * develop an HTML5+Ogg site, and tell people about it.

  * help write and translate documentation about combining these technologies.

Repeating the existing arguments on this list will not influence
standardization, but encouraging uptake of your favorite format will
influence future developers' decisions.



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