[whatwg] ambiguity in <header> definition

Bruce Lawson brucel at opera.com
Wed Jul 1 07:08:40 PDT 2009

On Mon, 29 Jun 2009 14:54:48 +0100, Thomas Broyer <t.broyer at gmail.com>  
>> the language should be tightened? ie ""A header element typically  
>> contains
>> the section's heading (an h1–h6 element or an hgroup element), but this  
>> is
>> not mandatory and may contain content such as navigation, a search form  
>> blah
>> blah"
> The fact that it is phrased as "typically contains ... but can also
> contain" makes it clear (for me) that it might contain a section's
> heading but this is not enforced (otherwise, it wouldn't say
> "typically")

my beef is with the words "can also contain", which suggest that it can  
contain other stuff in addition to h1..h6, hgroup (which it can) but it's  
ambiguous as to whether it must contain  h1..h6, hgroup as a minimum.  
(We're getting asked this a lot in html5doctor)

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