[whatwg] In AppCache web apps, images from unpredictable domains won't load

Aaron Whyte awhyte at google.com
Mon Jul 6 11:46:57 PDT 2009

When a page is loaded from an AppCache, even when online, external resources
such as images will not be loaded at all.
If foo.com has an image <img src="http://bar.com/img.png" />, then according
to the steps in
it will fail the load for the resource.
For example, someone with an Offline Gmail client would never be able to see
cross-domain images in emails, even when completely online.

There's no workaround in the current spec.  For user-defined img tags, like
those in webmail apps, the set of external domains is practically infinite.
 The NETWORK namespace, which requires a known domain for the
domain-matching check, won't help.  The FALLBACK namespace has to have a
known domain, that has to be the same as the manifest's domain, so it also
can't help.
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