[whatwg] HTML5 competing with XML

Anton Frattaroli Anton.Frattaroli at hc.msu.edu
Mon Jul 6 12:17:09 PDT 2009

I just read about how other markup languages (e.g. MathML, SVG) will be
implicitly namespace'd when put into an appropriate tag here:




Allowing XML namespaces to be "inserted" into HTML5 is a neat feature,
but challenges its definition as a subset of XML.  I don't believe the
XML 1.0 specification allows this.  The XHTML specification would allow
a module to be added on to it (in the form of a DTD fragment), but in
this case it would no longer be its own markup language, but an add-on
to HTML5.


Mixing markup languages also makes the DOCTYPE declaration pretty much
null and void.  What's the point of a DTD if you're going to add in
other DTDs?


This is really challenging the whole direction the w3c has pointed out
for SGML.



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