[whatwg] HTML5 competing with XML

Kristof Zelechovski giecrilj at stegny.2a.pl
Mon Jul 6 23:57:27 PDT 2009

A clean way to insert extraneous elements into SGML is to use NOTATION
entities.  This does not work for HTML and it has never worked, although TBL
did have such an idea for images at the very beginning.  It cannot be done
because it is extremely inconvenient for the author/publisher and very
insecure on the WWW.

Otherwise, you can think of MATH and SVG in HTML5 as an analogue of SCRIPT,
which is of course very weak - but you cannot verify the validity of
JavaScript code with a DTD either.  And you can have a DTD for XHTML5 with
MathML and SVG using XML modularization (although the WHATWG does not
provide you with one).  The DTD in question would of course be an upper
approximation of what is allowed.



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