[whatwg] Need UNIFIED UI for web browser plugin security settings.

Nils Dagsson Moskopp nils-dagsson-moskopp at dieweltistgarnichtso.net
Tue Jul 7 20:10:33 PDT 2009

Am Samstag, den 04.07.2009, 16:55 -0400 schrieb Biju:
> A web browser with plugin is supposed to work as a seamless integrated
> single system.
> But they are not for security setting UI. Each comes up with their own
> UI to confuse users.

I'd recommend directly talking to implementors about their respective UI
choices. The HTML5 spec may not be the right place for this issue.

> So in browsers, we need a UNIFIED UI for plugin security settings.

Actually, do we ? I don't think so. Like with UI for <audio> and
<video>, implementors can very well compete on this.

Nils Dagsson Moskopp

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