[whatwg] The StyleSheet object (section 4.2.7)

Alex Bishop alexbishop at gmail.com
Sat Jul 18 12:32:23 PDT 2009

There's a few parts of the specification of the StyleSheet object 
defined in section 4.2.7 that are unclear to me.

> The location (href DOM attribute)
> For link elements, the location must be the result of resolving the
> URL given by the element's href content attribute, relative to the
> element, or the empty string if that fails. For style elements, there
> is no location.

If there is no location, does that mean the attribute is null? Should 
that be explicitly stated?

> The intended destination media for style information (media DOM
> attribute)
> The media must be the same as the value of the element's media
> content attribute.

If the element's media content attribute is omitted, what should the 
value of the attribute be? Should it be "all" (which section 4.2.6 
defines as the default if the media content attribute is omitted)? Null? 
The empty string (à la DOM reflection)?

In any case, the definition above seems to conflict with the definition 
of the media attribute in the CSS Object Model specification at 
http://dev.w3.org/csswg/cssom/#stylesheet, which requires that the 
attribute returns a MediaList.

> The style sheet title (title DOM attribute)
> The title must be the same as the value of the element's title
> content attribute, if the attribute is present and has a non-empty
> value. If the attribute is absent or its value is the empty string,
> then the style sheet does not have a title. The title is used for
> defining alternative style sheet sets.

Again, if there is no title, does that mean the attribute is null?


Alex Bishop
alexbishop at gmail.com

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