[whatwg] Rel and META values

Julian Reschke julian.reschke at gmx.de
Sun Jul 19 04:28:17 PDT 2009

Ian Hickson wrote:
> ...
>> The other issue is Mark Nottingham's Web Linking draft[2].  It section 
>> 6.2, it establishes its own Link Relation Type Registry and the process 
>> by which additional link relations are added.  It would seem to me that 
>> it would be prudent to have a single registry and process for both HTML5 
>> and the Web Linking draft.
> Web Linking isn't really compatible with the HTML5 spec as far as I can 
> tell. For example it doesn't let you create types that depend on the other 
> types present (e.g. as we do with "up" and "alternate"), it doesn't let 

1) Is this a good idea in the first place?

2) See also the last paragraphs in 

> you add other attributes (as we do for "icon" and sizes=""), it doesn't 

See above.

> define how the linking fits into the processing models for other 
> technologies (e.g. where style sheets from Link: headers fit in to the 
> cascade), and so on. Mark is aware of these issues, but has declined to 

Could you clarify why that needs to be specified there?

> make his draft handle them. At the moment, HTML5 doesn't hook rel="" into 
> the Web Linking registry.

The Web Linking spec is in IETF Last Call, and if you think these issues 
need to be resolved, you should send a comment to ietf at ietf.org (see LC 

BR, Julian

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