[whatwg] Validation

Darxus at ChaosReigns.com Darxus at ChaosReigns.com
Mon Jul 20 14:33:32 PDT 2009

On 07/20, Eduard Pascual wrote:
> feed/send/pipe/whatever all pages to the HTML7 validator: since HTML9
> would be a superset of 7

You didn't mean that, did you?  Oh, HTML9 would specify a superset of what
browsers are required to handle gracefully, not actually including
everything from 7 in 9.

> , everything that passes this validation is
> valid as both HTML7 and HTML9. Then, based on the result, failed pages

I think you mis-stated, but it doesn't not detract from the validity of
your suggested method.

> would be sent to the HTML9 validator: if they pass, they are HTML9

This still leaves me to manually verify that all pages that I wanted to
validate as 7, did.

> Now, don't try to argue "using <font> (or some other obsolete tag)
> should be Ok, because it's valid on HTML4": on HTML4 these things are

I would never.  

"When in doubt, gas it. It may not solve the problem,
But it ends the suspense." - Steve Moonitz, DoD #2319, 1994

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