[whatwg] scripts, defer, document.write and DOMContentLoaded

Boris Zbarsky bzbarsky at MIT.EDU
Mon Jul 20 19:30:28 PDT 2009

Ian Hickson wrote:
> Actually what's going on is more subtle than that. When you set innerHTML, 
> it's actually triggering the deferred scripts right there, if it has them 
> loaded (e.g. inline scripts or cached scripts). If it doesn't have them 
> loaded yet, it drops them on the floor and doesn't ever run them.
> I've specced this, except that the spec requires that not-yet-loaded 
> scripts be loaded then run, rather than dropped, before innerHTML 
> continues, so there's no race conditions.

Er... wait.  So innerHTML has to block on network access?  And possibly 
spin the event loop as it does so?

This doesn't seem desirable to me.... Why do we want this behavior?


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