[whatwg] More input element feedback

Kartikaya Gupta lists.whatwg at stakface.com
Thu Jul 23 15:02:40 PDT 2009

The description for what to do on setting valueAsNumber doesn't fully cover error conditions. It's not clear to me, for instance, what's supposed if you have an input type="date" or type="number" and try to set valueAsNumber to NaN. The description there (for date) just says "... passing it a Date object whose time value is the new value ..." but doesn't say what to do if the Date object can't be created.

Also, editorial fix: in the same two paragraphs ("On getting" and "On setting" for valueAsNumber), the link to valueAsDate is wrong; it just links back to #dom-input-valueAsNumber instead of #dom-input-valueAsDate.


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